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DIY Wedding Consult Worksheet

100% DIY- This is a great option if you and your crew are a group of creatives!

Maybe your mom loves gardening and your best friend once worked for a florist. Or maybe you have rented a venue for an entire week and love the idea of bonding with your friends and family while you create your own designs. Selecting 100% DIY means you are happy to do it all; we would only need to provide you with the flowers and supplies. Please read this entire document before completing. Next please fill out the following form as best as you can, so we may determine if we will be able to meet your unique needs. While providing flowers for all of the listed items is not required, these are the types of flowers typically purchased for a wedding. They are listed just to help you stay organized and better prepare for your wedding. Also please note: we will not be able to meet with any couples if this form is not completed and returned to us at least three days before your appointment. Thank you so much, we look forward to hearing your thoughts!