Full Wedding Inquiry Form

Congratulations, and Thank-you for contacting Shady Grove Gardens for your wedding flowers!

We use the following questions to familiarize ourselves with you and your vision. Our goal is to pair your decor concept with our design art to craft the perfect look and feel for you. We use the information to produce a proposal and pricing for you. The next step is usually a phone chat. #828-297-4098 in order to get the full picture of your wedding needs. We craft designs a la carte. Those are picked up here at the nursery, the minimum is $250 and can include a DIY bucket order. Our minimum for delivery of a full service wedding is $2000 before the 10-15% delivery/setup cost. Your date is only reserved with a retainer of 50% of your expected total cost. Once we deliver a proposal to you, the pricing and date is held for only 10 days. Please reply asap. Thanks for considering us and using locally grown flowers!


All floral ideas and quotes are property of Shady Grove Gardens and are not intended to be shared with anyone other than the client and family. All quotes are valid for days.